Shetland Should Decide Its Future – Scott

The constitutional debate over Scotland’s future is a huge opportunity for Shetland says Shetland MSP Tavish Scott. He and Orkney MSP Liam McArthur are asking local people in the Northern Isles to decide what powers they want. The MSPs have made a detailed submission to the UK Government’s consultation on Scotland’s future.

Tavish Scott said, “Shetlanders have an opportunity to make the Islands’ case as the future of Scotland is debated. What powers and responsibilities can be best delivered by lslanders for Islanders? I want to encourage a serious discussion in Shetland about how to use this period of constitutional upheaval to our advantage. If Shetland says nothing we will simply be taken for granted both in Edinburgh and London. So now is the time, with local Council elections to discuss our future and what we want.”

Tavish Scott and Liam McArthur’s submission comments on the loss of  local accountability and decision making over the past five years, where oil revenues really belong and the potential for decommissioning jobs, the importance of the seafood and agriculture industries to the Northern Isles and the argument for giving responsibility over the marine estate to local bodies.

Tavish Scott added, “I am circulating ideas for discussion widely across Shetland. Many Islanders will have thoughts about Shetland’s future and I want to hear them. This opportunity to use Shetland’s leverage must not be missed. Governments in both Edinburgh and London need to listen to Island views as the debate over Scotland’s future gathers steam.”


Scotland’s Constitutional Future – Northern Isles

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